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There are few things in life more nerve-wrecking than you or a loved one being accused of having committed a crime.  We understand.  That is why we offer full service criminal defense for a broad range of alleged criminal conduct from violent crimes to economic and larceny related offenses to vehicle and traffic related offenses.  Our defense consists of zealous representation from arraignment through all pretrial practice and hearings and through, if necessary, trial.  We will work diligently to assess and investigate the facts of the prosecution’s case and attempt to resolve the matter to your satisfaction before the case goes to trial.  If we are unable to do so, we will provide you with an experienced defense, utilizing the array of litigation and persuasive techniques at our disposal.


As New Yorkers, all of us have had a friend, colleague or family member who has been accused of Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol (DWI).  At Bergstein Flynn, we are intimately familiar with the processes and procedures by which New York City and Nassau and Suffolk County police officers undertake when arresting an individual for DWI. We will mount every available legal challenge to these processes and procedures to aid in your defense. We will seek to negotiate the best disposition for your matter and if that fails, we will vigorously stand by your side during any litigation.  In addition, we have experience in navigating the administrative hurdles you may faces in maintaining your driving rights and privileges.


You may also find yourself in a situation where you are or believe you are being investigated for criminal conduct.  We will diligently seek to determine whether you are being investigated, for what you are being investigated and whether there is an opportunity to resolve the situation without a formal arrest or charges.


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