White Collar Litigation

In order to competently defend against a white collar criminal prosecution or regulatory proceeding, your attorney must be well versed in the numerous strategies and techniques employed by law enforcement in white collar investigations.  We can provide such an intimate understanding of the white collar investigative process undertaken by law enforcement and regulatory agencies.  This understanding uniquely positions us to zealously represent you or your organization in a number of matters, including:


  • Market Manipulation and Insider Trading
  • SEC enforcement actions
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Violations of the General Business Law
  • Tax Fraud   
  • False Filings
  • Internal Audits and Investigations


Our representation promises to aggressively pursue a favorable pre-trial resolution and to zealously defend your interests in a court of law if a trial becomes necessary.  We are also prepared to shepherd you or your organization through parallel proceedings (whether they are of a regulatory or civil nature) and the unique issues they present.


New York White Collar Criminal Lawyers

Whether it’s insider trading, insurance fraud, tax fraud, or business law violations Bergstein Flynn is here to assistant with white collar crime related cases (718) 395-4680

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